ECS SEPARATOR - Magnapower ECS 2000 BF (RPM1694)

Price: £98,000 Hours: . Serial: RPM1694 Year: 2016 Condition: Excellent


Very high performance
High frequency rotor
Eccentric design to maximise continuous
Very low maintenance requirements
High speed belt for higher throughputs
Belts width 2000mm (2 metres)

Key Features
Strong commitment to providing separators which are the leading performers in the separation industry. Our equipment is also designed and built to be reliable and durable even in the toughest environments.
The Magnapower ECS has an eccentric rotor which focuses the separating force where it is needed most and also minimises the damage that can occur from ferrous metal reaching the ECS.
• Uniquely designed eccentric rotor combining the reliability advantages of the eccentric and the performance advantages of the concentric rotor

• High powered Rare Earth Neodymium (non-deteriorating) magnet system
• Labyrinth bearing seals to protect rotor and bearings

• High speed conveyor to increase throughput

• Sealed belt / frame arrangement to prevent ingress of material

• Cantilevered frame to allow a single piece belt change within approximately one hour

• Belt tensioning pulley designed for easy belt replacement and tensioning.

• Motorized drive drum with internal bearings to prevent material trapping / damage

• Hinged access doors allowing easy access to bearings and simple belt tracking device

• Carbon fibre rotor cover for maximum strength and wear resistance


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