Finance Options from RPM

We are able to provide you with links to relevant finance options where appropriate. Please get in touch and we will be happy to refer you to our preferred finance providers.

The benefits of leasing your RPM equipment are as follows:

  • You'll pay regular monthly payments that won't change throughout the term – allowing you to budget effectively from Day 1
  • No need to find a hefty deposit to have the equipment you need almost immediately*
  • Choose a lease term that suits your business
  • Take delivery and the equipment can be earning you income even before your next payment
  • Tax advantages – all leasing payments made are tax deductible**
  • Keep cash in your bank, avoid overdrafts and loans
  • Have the best equipment for your business, not the cheapest
  • Security is levied on equipment, not property – giving you peace of mind

Why choose Leasing?

  • Our partners can provide a seamless service, from you commissioning your equipment to delivery and installation
  • Our partners can offer electronic signature and fast finance turnaround*, giving you the minimum of delay
  • Our partners have financed over £500M worth of equipment for all types of businesses already


* all finance is subject to credit checks

** your accountant will be able to provide you with more information on tax benefits


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