Fines screening to cleaning-up trommel fines, particularly when used in conjunction with a density separator (to separate the light fraction). RPM can offer several options as follows.

Stretch Deck Screens

Construction and demolition waste often contain sand fractions. For small fraction like sand, RPM incorporate a stretch deck screen. Even when the materials are moist, a stretch deck screen will still be able to screen at the desired screen mess without clogging.

Functioning of the stretch deck screens Elastic polyurethane screen panels are alternately tensioned and relaxed. This gives a “trampoline” effect. In the final tensioning phase, the screen panels are stretched changing the surface of the screen mat. Acceleration forces of up to 50G are achieved, whereas the machine structure gets 2 or 3G only.

Pearson Star Screens

The screen deck operates free from blinding even with difficult feed materials. Star screens are also used for demolition and construction waste. RPM include them as a secondary screening step and used to screen fractions screening sizes of 10-50mm on adjustable star screening machines.

Functioning of the star screen The material to be screened is brought or falls onto the star screen. The rotating stars allow the material to be transported. During this material transport, the fines are removed by falling through the spacing between the fingers of the star or the spacing between the stars itself. The oversized material transported off the end of the star deck onto belt conveyor or Into a bay.

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