Security Shredding Console Units - Secure, Lockable, Confidential Document Shredding Units

At RPM we endeavour to deliver the highest quality products and service to our customers, this is continued in the security shredding side of our business. Our console range ensures that you can trust your confidential waste is securely disposed of, in line with current GDPR regulation. 

All consoles offer the highest security standards at an affordable price. Features include:

  • Slam shut lockable door (keys supplied per console), decreasing the chance for cabinets to mistakenly be left open and create opportunities for a data breach.
  • 40mm Security slot coupled with an internal deflector, which prevents hands from reaching inside and accessing private information
  • 4 Adjustable feet enable the console to be adjusted to ensure it stands perfectly within any environment it is placed in.

Console Dimensions:

Range Height Width Depth Slot Gap
Standard 850mm 540mm 390mm 40mm
Junior 590mm 500mm 390mm 40mm

We are able to offer a wide range of colour options to suit your demands, all sleek in appearance and suitable to any professional environment. Colours available are:

Console Units from ThinkRPM Beech / Grey
Console Units from ThinkRPM Black
Console Units from ThinkRPM Grey
Console Units from ThinkRPM Grey / Plywood
Console Units from ThinkRPM Grey / White
Console Units from ThinkRPM Maple Grey
Console Units from ThinkRPM White
Console Units from ThinkRPM White / Blue Edge
Console Units from ThinkRPM White / Grey Edge
Console Units from ThinkRPM White / Red Edge

Two assembly options are available upon purchase:

  • Flat Packed – Consoles will be delivered with all building materials included (excluding tools) to be constructed by the customer. Maximum 25 consoles per pallet.
  • Pre-Built – Consoles are delivered fully assembled built by our specialist team, upon request company branding can be applied to the console, if purchased sacks can also be installed. Maximum 10 consoles per pallet.
  • Sacks – Reusable nylon sacks are available to order, 4 metal eyelets ensure the sack hangs perfectly within the cabinet and will not tear. The drawstring also ensures that when removed, the sack will not spill confidential information.
  • All orders are quality checked prior to dispatch, and records of this can be provided upon request.

For any further information please contact us:

Email: | Mobile: 07534 139 862 / Office: 01792 702 173 | Find me on LinkedIn here