INDUSTRIAL WASHER - Turbex Aqua Clean AC 2.0 LD (RPM1754)

Price: £8,500 Hours: 8,000 Serial: RPM1754 Year: 2000 Condition: Good
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Hot or Cold Options
3 Phase
Water Filtration System
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Multi Stage cleaning machines are intended for the aqueous cleaning of medium and large components, where high cleanliness requirements demand a multi-stage cleaning process. They are also used where the process itself requires a multi stage process e.g. iron phosphating. This type of cleaning machine is commonly used in the aerospace industry for both production and repair and overhaul purposes.
The cleaning process is carried out with a rotating spray system with nozzles. The hot detergent is sprayed from all directions onto the components with a high mechanical effect. This is then followed by additional detergent and/or rinsing stages to achieve a high level of cleanliness. In each stage, the liquid is filtered before entering into the tank and is then re-circulated.


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