BALER Horizontal - Harris HRB-SR (RPM1827)

Item Status:Sold Hours: . Serial: RPM1827 Year: 1996 Condition: Working


Hydraulic Powerpack

Mill Size Bales

Twin Rams

Control Panel

Air Cooled Radiator

American Tie Strap

The Harris HRB is one of the most recognized names in two ram baling. The HRB is the largest constructed line of two ram balers from any manufacturer. It is the perfect baler for medium to high volume productions and is most commonly used, in MSW applications, but is highly versatile in fibre, nonferrous metals and other applications.

The Harris HRB two ram baler is designed with a solid uni-body construction – a solid one-piece body design. The uni-body construction design gives Harris two ram balers added strength and rigidity to handle difficult materials in difficult applications.

The HRB features an innovative power unit and hydraulic drive system giving it the fastest cycle time in this class of two ram balers. The adjustable knives, utilized on the two ram baler, allows for less down time, and since shims are not used money is saved in two ways.

Harris utilizes thicker AR500 wear liners for the two rams giving you longer run time between scheduled maintenance and replacement.

Motor 1 x 70kW

Press Force 110 tonne

Aperture Size 1,320mm x 2,794mm


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