SHREDDER Slow Speed - Morbark HT1684 (RPM1989)

Price: £65,000 Hours: 6,800 Serial: RPM1989 Year: 2010 Condition: Good
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Over-band Magnet

Remote Tracked

Tipping Hopper

CAT Engine

2x Independently Driven rotors

The characters, HT stand for High Torque. That is something which the HT 1684 surely proves, a very high torque on the tips of the rotors of at least 107.000 – 150.000 Nm. The number 1684 stands for the size of the rotors: 1600 mm in length and 84 cm in diameter The HT 1684 on tracks, is radio remote controlled and because of this, it is very flexible in its use. Furthermore it is just like the “standard” HT 1684, equipped with an over band magnet, to guarantee a “Ferro”-free end product.

Weight 30 t

Dimensions Length - Working 12.7m / Transport 7.8m

Width – Working 2.99m / Transport 2.99m

Height – Working 4.35m / Transport 2.7m

Discharge Height 4.35m

Engine Caterpillar CT12 – 470hp

Fuel Tank 570L

Hydraulic Capacity 450L

Shredder Opening 1625mm x 1930mm

Rotor Diameter Tip to Tip 835mm

Rotor Speed 17-26rpm

Conveyor Width 1372mm


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