CONTAINER LOADER - Container Loader HD20 (RPM1995)

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Hydraulically operated arms

Perkins 20hp diesel motor

Remote Control

12v System

The machine has uniquely patented features, which allows a container to be taken from the truck and tilted through 90o with minimum effort. The heavy-duty load cells are able to record the weight at any stage during the filling process. The hydraulic door pin and closing mechanisms enable the truck to be loaded and dispatched efficiently and quickly. The machine has been designed and built mainly to withstand the tough operating conditions of the recycling industry, but will comfortably adapt to other industry sectors.

Power Self-Contained, 3 cylinder Perkins Diesel Engine

Electrics 12v system with a key start/stop

Controls - Radio controlled pendant remote, with manual override

Hydraulics -  Power is from 30 litre/min geared pump with 100 litres capacity reservoir and filtration

Weighing -  Complete Unit is mounted on 4-off Applied Weighing “Safe Mount” 20,000kg capacity compression load cells, so that the container can be weighted in position. Weight displayed on large LCD Digital Display

Fabrication -  Built around a fully welded steel chassis, primarily 305x305x137Kg beams. Lifting Arms fabricated using 305x305x137Kg beams, plated with 15mm steel plate to give ultra-high strength. Pivot points reinforced with 15mm plate, bushed to accept the 75mm main pins. Actuated by 4 off 150mm x 80mm hydraulic cylinders from 10o up to 90o (to allow for different trailer heights), fitted with fail safe check valves. Hydraulically activated arms act as supports for the container doors as well as closing them prior to rotating the container from upright back to the horizontal position. With the doors held firmly shut, they can be latched safely from ground level.


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